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In a dreamscape woven beyond the veil of time, where the universe hums an ancient lullaby, there exists a place untouched by the ticking hands of earthly clocks. This is a realm where the very essence of existence resonates with the pulse of an unseen heartbeat, a cadence that echoes through the cosmic corridors.

Here, the stars whisper secrets in a language older than light, each syllable a fragment of eternity itself. The dance of celestial bodies is not just a spectacle of the cosmos, but a poetic ballet choreographed by the invisible forces that bind galaxies.

In this dimension, the Earth is but a distant echo, a fleeting memory adrift in the cosmic sea. The rhythms here speak of truths unfathomable to the mortal mind, tales spun from the fabric of the universe, stories written in the stardust of forgotten worlds.

This is a journey into the heart of the unknown, a voyage across the ocean of the stars. Each moment is an eternal breath, a sigh of the universe as it contemplates its own infinite expanse. The music here is not composed of notes, but of the very essence of life and light.

In this boundless expanse, time loses meaning, and reality blends with fantasy. This is a place where dreams and reality converge, where the soul can dance freely, unbound by the constraints of temporal existence. It is a symphony of the cosmos, a song sung by the universe itself, inviting all who listen to join in the timeless dance of existence.


from Far Beyond Time (24bit), released November 21, 2023


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