Brahmasutra (24bit)

by Sumerian Droids

Keops 07:19
Kefren 06:46
Micerino 06:50


In the realm where sound morphs into a spectral dance, "Brahmasutra" emerges. It's a trance, dark and deep, where each beat is a whisper from the abyss, each melody a cry of cosmic lore.

This EP, a journey through the starlit corridors of the mind, weaves a tapestry of rhythmic illusions. Like a shaman of sound, conjures visions, blending the ancient and the digital into a symphony of psychedelic dreams. "Brahmasutra" is not just music; it's a gateway to transcendence, a hymn to the unseen, echoing in the cathedral of the soul.


released February 5, 2024

All tracks written and produced by Josh
Master by Wild Mastering Studio (EVP) UK


all rights reserved



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