Dual Nature (24bit)

by Secular Bonzo

Dual Nature 08:37
Symbiosis 09:08


Dualism isn't just a concept; it's the raw, pulsating essence of our enigmatic existence. Trapped in vessels of flesh and bone, we are governed by the cold, mechanistic laws of the physical realm. Yet, our minds dance on the edges of reality, defying the tangible and venturing into the mystic.

Who dares define what is saintly or sinister, what is luminescent or shrouded in darkness? Our choices are guided by our own intricate web of beliefs, and we tread an eternal tightrope between two diverging realities.

These creations don't merely explore dualism—they revel in it, twisting frequencies and rhythm into a shadowy ballet of contrasts. Dive into the abyss with low, growling frequencies, only to be lifted by intoxicating grooves that offer a not-so-innocent invitation to a unique and immersive labyrinth of sound.


released September 9, 2023

All tracks written & produced by Secular Bonzo (Augusto Comoretto & Franco Schneider)
Lucas Piazer as music curator and co-producer from track 4
Master by Fractal Joke
Artwork by Fractal Design


all rights reserved



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