Surfing in Oscillations (16bit)

by Green Waves

Who We Are 08:26


Life is a journey replete with unexpected turns and diverging paths, embodying a rhythmic dance of good and bad times. These opposing moments are not merely random occurrences, but part of a cyclical, dynamic progression that demands balance, resilience, and an unwavering spirit. With his latest release, 'Surfing in Oscillations', Artur Vilela, known in the electronic music community as Green Waves, paints a vivid sonic tapestry that mirrors this complex life journey.

'Surfing in Oscillations' is an enthralling three-track EP that encapsulates the essence of life's oscillations - the tranquil and the tumultuous, the serene and the stormy. Vilela crafts each track with masterful precision, infusing them with progressive dark elements that carry listeners through a captivating exploration of life's transitions. His unique style is both evocative and powerful, pushing the boundaries of progressive dark genre while staying true to his artistic identity.

Artur Vilela, a rising star in the progressive dark scene, continues to surprise and impress with his innovative approach to music production. His work with Padang Records further solidifies his commitment to creating engaging, original compositions that resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level. As Green Waves, he rides the pulse of life's ebb and flow, turning these universal experiences into a riveting auditory narrative.

This is more than just an EP release - it is a celebration of life's perpetual oscillations and the beauty that lies within its unexpected transitions. Join Green Waves as he navigates these rhythmic currents, surfacing from the depths of the psyche to the exhilarating crest of emotional expression, manifesting in 'Surfing in Oscillations


released May 31, 2023

All tracks written and produced by Artur Vilela
Artwork by Ymani and Nitio Design
Master by Renan Vilela Inside Mind


all rights reserved



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